Monday, January 25, 2016

Counteracting My Way Through January

January is not my favorite. I am not a snow-playing person--though a new, bright and blueish, cottony covering of snow does make me feel seven for a minute. After living in Phoenix, though, I realized I want distinct seasons and if I have to live through Utah Januaries in order to have Winter-Spring-Summer-Fall, well then I can do it. I just have low expectations, and feel proud of myself when I accomplish something like: only have a 50-cent fine at the library! or remember to have the children bathe!

This January of 2016, while keeping it simple, I've noticed contrasts in what I've been doing.

So far, I:

-Attended two funerals of people who died too young. But, also attended a wedding with twinkle lights and chocolate mousse, and made dinner for a couple who had their first baby, a cuddly gnome with peach-fuzz hair.

-Had plenty of pajamas-past-noon days. But got myself looking fancy, too. Red lipstick and up-dos and nail polish!

-Read Dad Is Fat, by Jim Gaffigan. Read Ahab's Wife: Or, The Star-Gazer, by Sena Jeter Nasland.

-Ate fast food. Ate fancy food.

-Taught Sally about crayon resisting her Crayola watercolors. Taught 2nd graders some basics from The Starry Night, and had them create their own versions using short strokes of oil pastel and a wash of blue watercolor over the page.

-Watched a documentary about a drop-box for unwanted babies. Watched Bob's Burgers, and the last season of Parks & Recreation. I miss Andy and Ron already.

-Stomped through high snow. Climbed around red rocks in the sun.

Carry on, January. I've got you figured out. I know your secrets are simple, and I will take you down.


AmyLynne said...

I love this. I don't love January. I have a $17.50 fine at the library.

Lauren said...

I'm impressed that you are conquering January. Well done friend!

Megan Goates said...

I felt like I made peace with January this year. Then February and the inversion hit and actually I loathe winter currently.