Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Six-word Memoirs, Arizona Edition

In Arizona, I was not myself.

But sometimes I miss that house.

Loneliness caused life to be simple.

Shopping Target was considered our fun.

Also, throwing rocks into Lake Pleasant.

Sam smashed scorpions with a mallet.

We went on walks with scooters.

The boys were little, Sally small.

Vacations were to Utah, my mom.

We forgot about cold tap water.

It felt weird to wear socks.

We rarely got sick, allergies gone.

Hot air balloons peppered the sky.


Megan Goates said...

You just wrote a lovely, poignant Arizona poem.

Cindy Stagg said...

What Megan said.

Ann said...

Man, you're good at this.

Tom Plummer said...

Great list, Sarah.

Jennie La said...

ditto to all of the above.