Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Dear Sarah

I've been looking through old photos tonight because I sat down at the desk to print a family picture for the now-second-grader to take to school tomorrow. Forty-five minutes later I had not printed a picture. Instead I smiled, laughed, cried even. It had been a while since I'd cried.

These are the things I wanted to tell myself (SCREAM to myself) two, three, four years ago:

-You look great. Stop thinking you don't.

-Your house looks great. Stop thinking it doesn't.

-You built yourselves a little life down there in Arizona. Even though you feel alone there, your family is adorable and getting stronger. Don't disregard that growth.

-Your mom is going to die soon. Call her. Call her every damn day.

-You are a fun mom.

-You will be happy.

-You should get your hair done more often.

-Good job telling Sam to grow a beard.


Lauren said...

That's what I do when I try to clean the house: distract myself by going through the old journal I find stashed under the bed.

So, Sam listened to you when you told him to grow a beard, huh? I tried to coerce Nathan into doing that. He only lasted a week.

Sam loves you more ;)

Jennie La said...

I need all those reminders. Why do we always get them a little too late.