Monday, June 15, 2015

Thirteen Years of Wedded Matrimonial Bliss

Today, but in the year 2002, we posed for pictures on a wrought iron bench under a tree with pear-shaped leaves. My hand rested on his leg. I had white and green flowers in my lap. There was a shiny ring on my finger, and a darker, beveled ring was on his. He wore the glasses in the family back then. We had fresh faces.

Later that evening, we danced in the back yard of our red-bricked chapel. He had removed the jacket to his tuxedo, and I had removed my shoes. The raw silk of my dress, sewn by my mom, swayed and swished as we moved together. The guests wrapped ribbons around us as we danced, then they pulled us and the ribbons apart, and hoisted us up above the crowd and cheered.

I wish I could relive the day. Or at least I wish I could whisper to myself that we were in for some serious struggle. But we'd be ok.

We are happy.


Ann said...

You write so beautifully, Sarah. And that reception was one of my favorites ever. I danced and danced. Love to you both.

Blue said...

i love reading moments like this...because it reinforces that they aren't just fairy tales. that people i know actually did get to experience them. since there isn't really such thing as a do-over, i'm content knowing your wedding reception was perfectly wonderful.

Louise Plummer said...

Your wedding reception was my all time favorite. That band and the dance floor and the neighbors dropping by and the avenues in mid-June. You and Sam were so beautifully innocent.

Innocence can't last, but love can. Congrats you two.

Anchely said...

I go back in time but I don't tell you that you'll be in for some serious struggle. You'll find out for yourselves soon enough.

You have flowers in your hair and a look of simultaneous joy and contentment on your face.