Monday, June 22, 2015

SO Much Has Happened Since I Wrote Last Time

A year was added to my age. I'll give you a hint--I used to be 33...

I got my first rejection letter for a personal essay! Go, me!

I spent the rest of the birthday doing things I like, like yard work, going out to lunch, shopping, and throwing rocks into the water up the canyon. We made s'mores and ate cupcakes with friends. Sam made a candle out of a stick. We came home, washed the campfire and creek water off of children, and Sara came and picked me up in her Dad's car and we drove around looking for some place to go. Just like the olden times! We ended up getting a drink at 7-Eleven and driving back to my house and talking for hours. Just like olden times again! I still remember meeting her in 7th grade and thinking This girl is funny.

Then Sam left me for 2 days to be a grown up in charge of teenagers. I like seeing him do stuff like that. I am the mother, so I did things like take the kids to the park. I pushed the girl in a swing for an hour. We watched Frozen in the daytime while the boys played Minecraft. I began to clean/organize the shed. I killed spiders. I ate cereal and watched stupid shows after the kids were in bed. I avoided folding any laundry.

Sam returned, we grabbed a bucket of chicken, and met some of my family at The Park with the Fat Seagulls for Father's Day Eve. Seagulls like grapes, and grape tomatoes. They do not like carrots. There was bubble-blowing, frisbie-throwing, European Freeze Tag, and general summertime merriment.

We had some of Sam's family for dinner Sunday. They brought glass bottled root beer, ice cream, and creamy potato salad. I tried a new recipe for peach cobbler. Sam grilled broccoli in balsamic vinegar, and a bunch of chicken. There were inappropriate jokes, of course. There was laughing, of course.

There. We are now caught up and I feel good about this.


Megan Goates said...

European freeze tag sounds much more sophisticated than regular freeze tag. You had a birthday, shout hooray! Please assign me to bring something to Our Thing Thursday. Preferably something with little/no prep involved.

Louise Plummer said...

Sunday night was fabulous. I was so wowed. Could you tell?

Blue said...

scenes from a life that is as beautiful as any in my awareness. love this.

Tom Plummer said...

I have never felt more loved, more doted on than Father's Day. Thank you Sarah. You are a dream.