Monday, September 7, 2015

On the First Day of Labor Day...

Here is a list for you of the things this Labor Day weekend brought to me:

-The Wizard of Oz.

-An hour drive north toward sugar-sweet corn on the cob, red popcorn kernels by the pound, spaghetti squash, softball-sized peaches, mini potatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, tomatillos, and pumpkins, oh my.

-Sally watching Curious George, cuddling her pumpkin we bought at the market, sans pants.

-Homemade ice cream.

-Elliot having a loose tooth fall out while he slept. He couldn't find it in the morning.

-Swiss Days mayhem, topped with a caramel apple.

-The heater on in the morning, air conditioner in the afternoon.

-Laughing with Louis as we bent his fingers as far back as they can go. That kid is the bendiest.

-Last place at Parcheesi.

-Spotting trees on the mountainside looking like sunflowers up there, their leaves letting go of green.

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